About the AOC Media Centre

Australia has a proud Olympic history. At every Games of the modern era since the Athens Games in 1896 our athletes have displayed amazing acts of sportsmanship, courage and been the envy of the world with podium performances.

The AOC Media Centre – The Home of Australian Olympic Stories is a continuous project that brings together many of these magic moments.

New content will be constantly added as the ultimate Australian Olympic archive grows. Our aim is to educate and inspire youth, let older generations relive their favourite performances and pay tribute to Australian Olympians who through their pursuit of excellence have inspired the nation.

Some key historical content to date is the 68 Golden Nugget podcasts and their transcripts, written and voiced by legendary broadcaster Norman May – featuring everyone from Australia’s first gold medallist Edwin Flack to Stephanie Rice.

We are working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to bring you video footage of the magic moments of Cathy Freeman, Ian Thorpe, James Tomkins, Dawn Fraser and more. And we haven’t forgotten the search of archives for the ultimate in Olympic photos to put on display for you.

The AOC generated a lot of great video content recently around the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

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